About The Program

OUR MISSION is to make it easy for you to receive the highest quality of medical care in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

It starts with a single phone call at 201-536-9000. Our providers and office staff work hard to ensure that every patient, family member and caregiver is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.
To learn more about what we offer, we’ve assembled a list of questions most commonly asked by our patients below.
Thank you for your interest in Community Housecall Providers. We look forward to hearing from you!


Does Medicare pay for home visit / house call?
Yes, Medicare pays 80% just like they do an office visit with the balance forwarded to your secondary insurance.

What is a nurse practitioner?
Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses who have received years of additional training. They diagnose and treat conditions, order diagnostic tests, review and prescribe medications — all to create the best plan of care for your needs.

Can she write prescriptions / narcotics?
Yes, Nurse Practitioners can write prescriptions including narcotics.

What medical conditions can she treat?
We are able to treat all of the conditions associated with aging and being homebound. This includes heart conditions, lung conditions, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, poststroke, memory loss, depression, incontinence, malnutrition and anemia, just to name a few.

Does she work with a doctor?
Yes, the Nurse Practitioner works with the Collaborating physician.

How often will she visit me?
The Nurse Practitioner will visit you as often as it’s medically necessary, but for the most part on a monthly basis.

What if I need a specialist?
You will be referred to a Specialist if necessary. Most Specialists do not do home visits.

Do I need to go to a specific hospital?
You do not have to go to a specific hospital. You will go to the closest hospital when there is a medical emergency and 911 has been called. Otherwise you can go to a hospital of your choice.

Will she renew my medication?
Yes, during each visit, NP will review your medications and electronically order which ever ones are needed.

Will she order Physical Therapy in the home if necessary?
Medicare will pay for a limited time of physical, occupational and speech therapy if medically indicated. This will be ordered by the Nurse Practitioner

What happens after hours?
You will dial 911 if its a medical emergency or you will call 201-433-3335 if you need to speak to Dr. Reisner on an urgent matter.

Can she take care of wounds?
Yes, the Nurse Practitioner will coordinate and monitor wound care with the visiting home nurse service.

Can she help me with my pain?
Yes, she will do a full pain assessment and create the best treatment plan (physical therapy, pain medication, referrals etc).

Will she help me get home care services?
Yes, Nurse Practitioner will order home care services through one of the Medicare approved skilled nursing facilities as well as home maker services.

Will she communicate her findings to me and my family?
Yes, NP will discuss her visit and care plan with you and whomever is present (caregiver) at the end of visit.

Can she order me durable medical equipment?
Yes, Nurse Practitioner will do full home safety evaluation and determined if there is a medical necessity for any durable medical equipment (hospital bed, walker, commode etc.)